Tanzania: Zanzibar Plans to Review Education Curriculum

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IN efforts to further improve education, Zanzibar is planning to review its curriculum, with the aim of producing good students and employable graduates, President Hussein Mwinyi has said.

In his speech at the opening of the new storey building for Kibuteni Secondary School in Unguja South, Dr Mwinyi put emphasis on finding ways to improve education, including ending poor performance in examinations, particularly in science and business subjects.

“The new school is equipped with modern buildings and improved infrastructures… now it demands hard work from students in studies along with exercising good behaviours,” he said at the school renamed ‘Hasnuu Makame’ Secondary.

Dr Mwinyi cautioned students against engaging in things such as absenteeism that are ‘detrimental’ to their future life, asking local leaders, parents and teachers in Unguja South to ensure all enrolled students in the new school attend classes and perform well.

The president commended the 7th phase government under retired President Ali Mohamed Shein for developing the education sector with increased modern buildings and learning equipment which improved performance.

Increased modern/storey buildings in schools and universities, practical laboratories with equipment, solving shortage of desks, increased teachers, abolishing contributions, introducing students’ loans and improved teacher’s welfare are other successes in education that impressed Dr Mwinyi, promising to follow the steps.

Dr Mwinyi expressed satisfaction with the new buildings of Hasnuu Makame Secondary School, but vowed not to allow any substandard construction during his tenure, “From now the government is serious, we only need value for money.”