REVIEW: Tay Iwar – Love & Isolation EP

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The point is; Tay Iwar is elite. His music is unique, his act is pristine and his sound will never be simply excellent. However, his talent is almost as loud as his reclusiveness, which seems to be his greatest strength in his quest to make elite music.

While some people get inspired by gregarious living, Iwar seems to get inspired by his life. His heavy love themes are told through imaginative, picture-esque that is sometimes aided by metaphors and symbolisms. As a sound engineer and producer, Iwar also understands the utilization of sound.

On April 17, 2021, Iwar released his sixth overall body of work; the four-track EP, Love & Isolation. It seems to be inspired by the unique experiences that Iwar garnered during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020.

Highly minimalist and mostly R&B-based, Love & Isolation documents the meeting point of the lonely laziness from isolation/heartbreak [YOGA] and the addictive bliss of reawakened love [STONES]. As always, Iwar’s songwriting is efficacious and evocative with occasional definitive declarations of the effects of love [THINKING and FEEL].

At some points, it feels like the love is ‘PEAKING.’ It shows in how Iwar produces the longest and most wordy song on this EP. He even explicitly references hot sex in a Lagos hotel room.

His tales of love explore doubt [PEAKING], need for intimacy and burning intensity. The EP also seems to explore a love story with one woman, although it could also be about different women.

His carefully selected features also serve the unique purpose of either expanding the sonic range of music [Asa] or infusing conversational angles to his topics [Xenia Manasseh, FEEL and Insightful].

The only flaw of this tape – which isn’t really a flaw – is that it’s quite short. Another year, another brilliant project from Tay Iwar, no surprises here. Next?!

Content, Penmanship and Delivery: 1.8/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.9/2

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