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Have you been looking for male Ankara designs that you can rock this year? You have landed on the right page as here we have prepared a collection of the trendiest male Ankara styles that will have all eyes on you this year.

Male Ankara styles

A collage of four men in Ankara styles. Photo: @diana_ogada, @afro_chiq, @paul_achidi, @2kankaratops (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Take a look at our collection of the latest Ankara styles for men and pick one or more that you would look great in. And remember, whatever design you go for, make sure you wear the outfit with confidence so you can stand out even more.

Latest male Ankara styles to rock in 2021

Without further ado, let’s check out the trendiest men Ankara styles that are all the rage this year.

1. Orange pants

male ankara designs

Smiling man in orange pants. Photo: @paul_achidi
Source: Instagram

These kinds of pants are for the bold of heart, as definitely, they will draw attention. If you are not afraid of turning heads (in the right way, of course), then you can go for these bright-colored pants.

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Pair it with a black or white shirt or t-shirt and you are good to go. The outfit can be worn to parties or casual get-togethers with workmates.

2. Full body Ankara suit

male ankara designs

Man in a full-body Ankara outfit. Photo: @majesticstitcheshof
Source: Instagram

If you thought that the first outfit on our list was a bold fashion statement, think again. This one just speaks for yourself, don’t you think? Pair it with nice sandals or even black shoes for a chic look.

3. Red shirt with simple design

Male Ankara styles

Man in gorgeous outfit smiling. Photo: @afro_chiq
Source: Instagram

Simple, yet so beautiful. This shirt speaks volumes, yet it does not really shout. Do you understand that? It is so simple yet so classy and unique that you definitely have to include it in your wardrobe.

4. Jean jacket with great design

ankara men styles

Man in a jean jacket with unique design posing for a photo. Photo: @diana_ogada
Source: Instagram

These days, people don;t just wear Ankara pants or skirts or dresses. The material can be embedded to anything – hoodies, t-shirts, belts, purses, and even jean jackets, like in the photo above. The combination of the denim and Ankara fabrics make this one a go-to style for any casual event – even a wedding!

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5. Uniquely-designed shirt

different ankara style for guys

Serious man looking away from the camera. Photo: @ghesy.klothing
Source: Instagram

Among all our designs here, this one is the one that can actually be used as official attire as well. This is because it is simple and does not shout in the way that other extravagant designs do. This one just oozes class without trying too much.

6. White t-shirt with Ankara sewed on the front

ankara designs

Two men smiling for the camera. Photo: @ghesy.klothing
Source: Instagram

If you are more of a t-shirt kind of guy but would still like to embrace your African roots, then this is the design for you. Plus- the design is so good all eyes will definitely be on you.

7. Striped shirt with a pop of colour

ankara styles for men

Male model in a unique shirt. Photo: @2kankaratops
Source: Twitter

No one can argue with the fact that this design is just out of this world. It is simple, yes, but it is also very unique. Or have you ever seen such a design before?

8. Plain black shirt with small detail here and there

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latest ankara styles

Man with an afro poses for the camera. Photo: @shenbolen
Source: Twitter

Black t-shirts and Ankara go so well together. Take this design, for example. The black t-shirt itself works just fine, but add a touch of Ankara to it, and the game changes completely. This kind of t-shirt should be present in every man’s wardrobe, really.

Which of these male Ankara styles did you like the most? And which one do you think is the most fashionable for 2021? Let us know in the comment section below. And remember, “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”

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