Hardlife experienced at Yabatech inspired my new song – Diistill [ARTICLE]

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He added that the inspiration from a movie called Ile Alayo was also an addendum.

More days more money was inspired from the true life phase I had during my OND days in Mapoly.

“Life was so hard back then- trekking 30mins just for N30, which begets the line ‘bye bye to sakpa the days when we passing through sap route, just go get to school, now we living so good, yeah’.

“I was also inspired while watching the movie ile Alayo. Big shout out to the producer and the rest of the crew, ‘plenty millions upon billions for me and you ‘ , lol,

“The character Mr More day more Money Was amazing. I knew from that moment I would be dropping some bars on this” He said.

Describing his songs in five words, Afolabi said it is addiction, addiction, addiction addiction and addiction, expressing optimism to be multiple award winning, Grammy nominated superstar from Africa in the next three years.

While speaking on the rationale behind his name, Afolabi said his name was formed way back from secondary school days, explaining that distillation means refine.

It was gathered that his official video to be directed by Chidube will be shot in two weeks time.

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