Female Interior Architect at Furniture Republic

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Job Details

Must understand how to design furniture, have in-depth knowledge of manufacture and assembly of furniture products.
Must have knowledge of interior furniture space management.
General knowledge in woodworking process is required.
Ability to prepare cut list for furniture and knowledge in sofa production.
Ability to translate clients ideas into reality.
Ability to work under pressure.
Willing to travel and work long hours.
Relate ideas to factory workers in terms of Sketch designs and supervision of jobs to finishing.
Experience in designing kitchen, wardrobe and retail furniture products such as bedsteads, coffee table, side stools e.t.c.

Qualification and Experience

Candidate should possess Bachelor's degree
Must have at least 3 years work experience.


Sketch up – Intermediate level.
Cinema 4d
Extensive knowledge in any of the above software, most especially "Sketch Up".

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